Avoiding Phishing Scams

You’ve got your own website, you’re selling your photography or car club swag, or whatever items you create. You work hard at that business and, if you are like me, just don’t need the hassle of what seems like a daily process of weeding through the online scammers and grifters. Now you can get a free app that identifies email as having been sent from legitimate sources and helps fight against the threat of phishing scams.

Have you ever received an email from a bank, credit card company, even Paypal, that looked legit but was suspiciously threatening, or just didn’t sound right? That email is an example of phishing and will usually include a threat to close your account if you don’t reply immediately.If you are selling anything from your website it is likely you are using Paypal, and they, along with thousands of like business have partnered with Iconix to help fight phishing scams.

Phishing emails will spoof or try to mimic financial institutions or other businesses like Ebay or Paypal, they will even be using stolen copyrighted images such as company logos, and sometimes have return email addresses that can look deceivingly like that companies URL. But be cautious, even if you are the slightest bit suspicious, it is better to err on the side of safety because phishing emails are only a small part of a well thought out and involved process designed to scam information from users, steal their identities and/or defraud them by making illegal purchases with stolen financial information.

Iconix Truemark service reduces the risk of email fraud by confirming the source of the sender. If an email passes authentication, the application displays the Truemark icon telling you the email is legitimate. This service if free to consumers, so if you are a small online business using Paypal, Ebay or Amazon Marketplace, you should be using this free service as an added level of security against phishing scams that target users of those respective comapanies.

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