Made on a Mac

I know this gets away from the norm for website creation and maintenance, but we happen to love Mac and so, all of our work is done on one. The downside is helpful apps can be hard to find for us, but here are some links that hopefully will help you.

The Cutting Edge

  • Coda one-window development. From WYSIWYG editor to FTP client, browser previewer, CSS editor and terminal all in one clean app.

WYSIWYG editors

  • Adobe Dreamweaver is the most popular professional web development software packages available.
  • RapidWeaver is a powerful tool with a beautifully-familiar user interface
  • Kompozer is based on the popular Nvu editor
  • Nvu is a great choice, especially considering its FREE
  • SeaMonkey is the Mozilla project all-in one Internet application Suite
  • Good Page offers a lot of the features of a great text editor while also proving some WYSIWYG support
  • Amaya is the W3C Web Editor which also acts as a Web Browser
  • Style Master takes a different approach to web development by focusing on CSS instead of HTML
  • EditLive!
  • eWebEditPro is a browser-based editor for businesses
  • Contribute is an Adobe product for people who have no interest in learning HTML. Works best with sites created using Dreamweaver templates.

Free HTML Editors

Full Feature text editors

  • BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for Mac
  • TextMate
  • Text Wrangler is a free text editor with extensive FTP SFTP support


  • Transmit is undeniably one of the most critically acclaimed FTP clients
  • Fetch is a popular and easy-to-use full featured FTP client.
  • Classic FTP includes a handy “mirror and upload” tool for synching files
  • Cyberduck is an open soource (free), fully featured and easy-to-use app

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