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Better WP Security plugin changing name

Securing your WordPress site from malicious attacks and hacking is very important, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For years, we’ve been using and highly recommending the Better WP Security plugin to keep all of our WordPress sites secure, and it has worked like a charm.

The plugin has undergone a highly-anticipated update and will be changing it’s name to iThemes Security. The update brings some that will make it better than ever, and include professional support options. Check out this post to learn more, but first install the plugin if you haven’t already.


Social Media Networks Strip Your Metadata

I am a Photographer and in this digital, social networking world that we live in I work equally hard to protect my intellectual property as I do in creating it. That is why I never upload my images to sites that do not expressly recognize my copyright or attempt to devalue it with their own terms, and I advocate all media and content creators do the same. The following is an article written by David Riecks, leader of the Photo Metadata Project, reposted from the Library of Congress’s Signal blog with permissions, that highlights some of the dangers inherent in posting your images to social networks.

Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother

Storing information about your images inside the image itself provides a number of useful benefits. Digital photographers may refer to this as embedded photo metadata or just metadata for short. For professional photographers it’s an easy way to let potential publishers know they took the photo and how to contact them.

Storing this information inside the image can’t prevent others from misusing the information but it can help others know more about the image: who is pictured in a photo, what they are doing (and maybe why) as well as where and when it was taken. However, all of those benefits are lost if this metadata doesn’t “stick” to the image as it travels from one computer to another and onto the web. Read the rest of this entry »


Avoiding Phishing Scams

You’ve got your own website, you’re selling your photography or car club swag, or whatever items you create. You work hard at that business and, if you are like me, just don’t need the hassle of what seems like a daily process of weeding through the online scammers and grifters. Now you can get a free app that identifies email as having been sent from legitimate sources and helps fight against the threat of phishing scams. Read the rest of this entry »